Lady Venus International
1/2oz. Jar
1/2oz. bottle
1oz. Jar

Eye & Throat Creme - The concentrated moisturizers and emollients in this delicately balanced creme contain a clinically effective amount of Aloe Vera. It liquefies to blend easily on the fragile eye area. Used every night before bedtime. It keeps the eye and throat skin soft and smooth. Easily absorbed, its for all types of skin.
Vitamin E Oil - Pure Vitamin E Oil containing 14,000 IU's per ounce, combined with Aloe Vera for maximum penetration. Excellent for stretch marks, scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Use a small amount in the palm of your hand and smooth on needed areas to plump up and moisturize dry skin.
Night Creme - While you sleep, this formulated creme softens and lubricates extra dry skin with precious emollients. It never leaves a trace of oiliness. A rich moisturizer with 35% Aloe Vera, it is concentrated that only a small amount need be used each night.