Lady Venus International
Lady Venus International was founded in 1969 and has hundreds and thousands of satisfied and loyal customers.  The best  evidence of our uniqueness and effectiveness of our products is the loyalty of our customers, many of whom who have faithfully used the product  for over 30 years. Lady Venus facial, personal, and hair care products are carefully formulated with only the finest ingredients available and are all combined to achieve the maximum benefits of Aloe Vera. No one has been able to duplicate our carefully-guarded secret formulas. 

People from all walks of life are "discovering the magic" of Lady Venus. Once you start using Lady Venus products, you'll watch your skin become fresher, youthful and wrinkle-free. You'll become a believer and want to tell your friends, for you'll have discovered the natural beauty and healing secret handed down through the ages.

Lady Venus International is a trusted company that is dedicated to providing only quality products. For further information please call 719-269-8393 or email