Lady Venus International
Lip Colors
$10.75 each

Stick Color                                                Lip Color
    Green                                                   Dark Pink
    Gold                                                    Coral
    Blue                                                     Mauve
    Black                                                    Wine
    Silver                                                    Light Pink w/Silver
    Yellow                                                  Coral w/Gold
    Ivory                                                     Coral w/Silver
    Bronze                                                  Pink  w/Gold
    Red                                                       Red
    Mocha                                                  Brown

                  Vitamine E Stick & Lip Balm                     
  Vitamin E Stick
   Lip Balm

Vit. E Stick
Lip Balm

Crazy Lips - The lipstick that interacts with your special body chemistry to create your own personal lip color. Its long lasting and the color stays on. Contains Aloe Vera to prevent chapping and promote healing. They come in 10 exciting colors listed below.