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Panthenol Jojoba Shampoo with Aloe - Regular use of this fabulous, concentrated shampoo with Jojoba leaves hair sparkling with new life and the beautiful body it was meant to have. Contains panthenol and Aloe Vera to repair hair damaged by harsh detergents, bleaches, or permanent hair wave solutions.
Bath Satin - Pamper your skin with the ultimate luxury in skin care. Bath Satin provides its own cleanser, soap is not necessary. Use it in the bath or shower as a cleanser, or after the bath, smooth over your entire body for a smooth, silky finish.
Bath Oil- Rich in moisturizing oils and emollients that smooth and satinize, Lady Venus Bath Oil protects the entire family from dry, chapped skin. It contains rice oil, Aloe Vera and other emollients to relieve dry skin and roughness. Also a great tension reliever. Just pour a couple of capfuls in the bath and relax.
8oz. bottle
4oz. Jar
8oz. bottle

Hair Care
Bath Luxuries

Aloe Vera bath oil Bath Satin Aloe Vera body soap Aloe Vera Shampoo

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